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“Make your life better.” VIRUS REMOVAL

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Sit back, relax & let us fix your infected PC right over the Internet
Viruses and spyware can make your computer freeze, crash, behave strangely and plague you with annoying pop-up ads. Your consultant will detect and eliminate even deeply rooted infections and get your computer back up and running smoothly. Business & Home Computer Services, we’re always here to help.*

BAHCS, LLC  Spyware & Virus Removal Service helps consumers and small businesses detect and eliminate deep-rooted PC Viruses, Spy­ware, Adware, Trojans, Worms and other complex malware. Available from the comfort of your home or office, our security experts use a secure Internet connection and the latest security technology to diagnose and repair your infected computer. There’s no drop-off and pickup, home visit, or confusing instructions. Save yourself time, money, countless hours of frustra­tion and avoid harms from identity and data loss. We are here to help you get your computer – and your life – back on track.


Saves you hours of unproductive effort

Lets you avoid trips to store and repair delay

Extends the life of your PC so you’re not forced to buy a new one

Prevents a potentially catastrophic loss of your files or personal identity

Immediately ends the anxiety of not knowing the infection cause or solution

Restores smooth PC operation


Cures for abnormal PC activity, pop-up windows, suspicious alerts, and other suspicious behavior

Detection & elimination of the latest threats other security products miss

Automated Windows updates set up to reduce future infections

Recommendations for avoiding or dealing with a future infection

Repairs and maintains PC health


How it Works

9-Step Service Process

1. Gather information about your computer’s unusual behavior and infection symptoms.

2. Diagnose the likely causes of the problems.

3. Document the details of your PC problems and the current state of your system.

4. Identify vulnerabilities that allow threats to infect your PC.

5. Update your Norton software and virus definitions, if applicable.

6. Patch all known vulnerabilities in Windows.

7. Use proprietary technology to eliminate all detected threats from your computer.

8. Document all the steps taken to remove the threats.

9. Explain simple ways to avoid ordeal with any future threats.


$85.00 per hour

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